Mikko Tarmia

Mikko Tarmia (b. 1978) is an award-winning composer from Finland, best known for his contribution in critically acclaimed survival horror games developed by Frictional Games.

Mikko had his first touch in composing at the beginning of the 90s with Amiga MOD trackers and electronic music. Later on he received more and more influences from orchestral music and learned to play several instruments and finally joined conservatory to get some formal music education (his primary instrument is bassoon). He also studied music production in Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences.

Since his first computer game project (Codeblender Software's Deeptrouble, 2002) Mikko has contributed music for several well known indie titles. At 2006 Mikko was asked to make music for Penumbra, a technical demo for survival horror game developed by Frictional Games. The demo gained massive popularity and Frictional Games decided to make Penumbra a commercial game. A cult classic was born. The Penumbra series has received numerous awards, critical acclaim as well as recognition for its fresh approach to the survival horror genre.

Mikko continued his successful collaboration with Frictional Games and composed soundtrack for their next survival horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent which became a massive hit and is described as one of the scariest games ever made. One of Mikko's recent works is SOMA, a science fiction survival horror game developed by Frictional Games as well.

Mikko also runs an independent music label called The Sound of Fiction which specialises in bringing film and video game music to its fans. At 2008 the label released its first production, AIKA, an atmospheric orchestral soundtrack wrapped around a philosophically inspired science fiction story written by Tom Jubert. The label has also released soundtrack albums for the games developed by Frictional Games.

Awards / Nominations:

  • Best Audio (2nd place) - Rescue (uDevGames 2004)
  • Excellence in Audio (winner) - Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Independent Games Festival 2011)
  • Best Audio (nomination) - SOMA (Global Game Awards 2015)
  • Best Audio (honorable mention) - SOMA (16th Game Developer's Choice Awards)
  • Outstanding Achievement: Main Theme (nomination) - SOMA (Annual Game Music Awards 2015)
  • Best Audio for an Indie Game (nomination) - SOMA (14th Game Audio Network Guild Awards)
  • Best Audio (winner) - SOMA (Nordic Game Awards 2016)
  • Audio Accomplishment (nomination) - SOMA (Develop Awards 2016)
  • Best Audio (winner) - SOMA (Game Scope Awards 2016)

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