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Amnesia: The Dark Descent OST
The Sound of Fiction

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Penumbra OST
The Sound of Fiction

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The Sound of Fiction

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Some press statements concerning music:


"Story, visuals, and the soundtrack are superb and top tier from Frictional at this point." - ZTGD

"The stunningly well-realized world melds brilliantly with the outstanding score and sound design, begging the player to buy into the atmospheric world that Frictional Games has so painstakingly crafted." - Actiontrip

"The score - crafted beautifully by Mikko Tarmia - offers a fascinating blend of synthetic and organic sounds, which obviously mirrors the fiction well." - Push Square

"Music and sound wise, the game is pretty stellar." - Guns & Pixels

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

"The music also adds to the presentation in how haunting and frightening it can be. In one moment you'll hear a somber tune and in the next, usually when encountering a monster or being chased by one, the music will crescendo into a flurry of heavy drumbeats and strings: which in my case was timed with my rapidly beating heart. The game recommends you play with earphones on and I echo that sentiment. It's been a long time since I was impressed by a game's attempt at pulling a player in with audio and Frictional Games definitely deserves a sound design award for that." -

"A superb soundtrack with ambient noises sending shivers down your spine." - MMGN

"The atmosphere itself, from a technical standpoint, is recreated in masterly fashion thanks to excellent play of light and an exceptional soundtrack." - Cyberludus (translated from italy)

"The graphics, art design and soundtrack all combine brilliantly, layering up on top of a mostly brilliant design to create a unique, unnerving and ironically memorable survival horror that’s well worth picking up." -

"Another element of every good horror game is a stellar soundtrack. Even from the intro scene and the main menu, you can tell that Amnesia has this down-pat." - Rely on horror

"The underlying hero of Amnesia really is in the sound department, however. A haunting score and realistic sound effects make the game feel as real as possible" - No worries gaming

"A word must be said for the excellent score and sound engineering on this title, the choral accompaniment to a number of locations goes a long way to build the awe of a place above and beyond the visual representation." - AusGamers

Penumbra: Requiem

"Ambient sound effects help to relay a creepy atmosphere and the game is further enhanced by the solid music, one of the best I have personally heard in a horror game." - Hooked Gamers

"Still an excellent soundtrack that contributes heavily to the game's mood." - IGN

Penumbra: Black Plague

"Like the sound effects, the music in Penumbra: Black Plague is outstanding. The soundtrack is fittingly dark and eerie, and does a great job of ramping up the suspense in key parts of the game. The music never feels forced and never distracts you from the action, but nicely blends into the rest of the game's lugubrious atmosphere. The frequently discordant tones, heavily relying on the piano, end up being absolutely central to your sense of disorientation." - Adrenaline Vault

" ...for me the atmosphere was threaded together by the combination of perspective, soundtrack, and the physics...
...the muted cries, clanks, and hisses of the ambient tracks are excellent and contribute heavily to the game's atmosphere." - IGN

"The Good: Great music and sound effects." - GameSpot

"Distant noises immerse players into the game, while whispers and strange noises, along with music that is similarly creepy, works wonders to draw players in immediately. Even in its brevity, Black Plague stands as a testament to the ability that ambient audio can make even a lower budget game better." - Game Positive

"Try this game after midnight with all the lights turned off and 5.1 sound system plugged to your PC. See if you are a real man in this situation! A plus for the menu music..." - Games32

"The audio is truly great..." - Game Industry News

"The music is great, as are the sound effects, which really helps to drive home the fact that you're in a scary, surreal world." - Cheat Code Central

"The atmosphere is relentlessly dark and hostile, with fantastic use of audio to convince you that there's something truly horrible round the next corner." - PC Gamer UK

"With sound effects and music of such a high quality, we recommend you play with the volume turned up loud!" - Gamers Universe

Penumbra: Overture

"The music in Penumbra does an awesome job of enhancing the feel of the game, with piano the most prominent instrument but with other orchestral instruments also playing a role. For example, when an enemy is close by, the soundtrack becomes tense. When you discover the creature, the score becomes frantic as the enemy begins to rip you to shreds. When you find something horrific, a sudden, jarring chord increases the shock. Often, before a surprising encounter, there's little or no music, which makes you feel like everything is a little too quiet. The title screen music should be a tip-off, for it's an epic masterpiece." - Adrenaline Vault

"The game's audio is stellar." - GameSpot

"Immersive and suspenseful games can be made or broken by audio choices and Penumbra made all the right moves." - Gamer's Hell

"On the plus side, the game's music is a treat. It's very well produced, and dynamically changes based on the current situation." - YouGamers

"Penumbra is a pretty silent game, once the music kicks in, it matches the situation perfectly. Sometimes spooky, sometimes hectic, its fitting really good into the game." - DNC Games-Magazine

"The audio is superb and is primarily responsible (more than the graphics) for the eerie ambience of this game. Playing this game alone and in the dark, with the sounds turned up, can be truly terrifying (in a good sense)! The haunted music and ambient sound effects from a distance work well to create a sense of impending doom that is relentless throughout the game." - Adventure Classic Gaming

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